East & West

The Michael Martin Band East and West Album was recorded in Louisville, KY at Cyber Acoustic Laboratory. Mike and the crew actually used an old microphone from the Grand Old Opry, which was sang into by Johnny Cash and Elvis. Being the weird little bastard that he is, Mike actually believes that he was able to channels Johnny’s spirit via the astral plane. He may get committed to a ward one day, but for now he is committed to making REAL country music. Please don’t get him started about what real country music is. He’s just kind of nuts like that, and you really don’t want to listen to his endless ranting about how country music has gone to hell for the all might pop dollar. “I don’t personally have anything wrong with that music they play on CMT and Country Radio, I just wish they would call it pop music; and leave our music alone. We like it twangy, we like it honky tonk, we like cryin’ in your beer music. We never did want it to change. Country Music just got stolen from the people by the soulless bastards who own the radio stations and record labels. And, I guess I don’t get why they don’t sell it on pop stations whose fans want to hear it. Now there are just more pop stations, and no difference between them and so called country stations. I wish the country fans would call their local stations and tell them for the love of God play some country music. If I wanted to here this crap I’d listen to top 40 radio” Mike Martin

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