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Hello Mike,
We met at Honky Tonk House Concerts on Saturday last weekend.
In our conversation I brought up the name of one of your fellow Hoosiers who worked in Southeast Asia, specifically Laos, before the Vietnam War (conflict my ass!).

You mentioned, on more than a passing tone that you thought there just may be a song in the life of Mr. Buell and his efforts; I assure you that there is.
Edgar Buell should be known to every American citizen. As I mentioned that evening, the book Mr. Pop should be required curriculum reading in every school system in the USA.

I am not adept or registered on either Twitter or “Facesmash”. In point of fact I consider myself cyber-challenged to the point where I should have my own telethon.

If you would be so kind as to give me your email address I would like to send you a link to the book and , when I get my mitts on another copy, the book itself.
I don’t know what you think of reading literature online but, in my opinion, it pales by comparison to the printed page. I need to hold, smell, and feel the heft of a real book. Call me old school; I’m entirely ok with that.

I listened to your Gharkey Street Hotel cd on my drive back to Ontario on Sunday morning and I was blown away with more than a few of your songs just as I was when I heard you perform live on Saturday.

As I said to Bruce that evening during your set “this cat is a reader!”.
I dig that and love to share important writings with those that appreciate them.

Long story short ( not hardly eh? haha) shoot me your email addy. I won’t hound ya , I just want to make sure you learn about thus extremely caring and noble American; Mr. Edgar Buell.

Be well and be you,
Willie Beale
AKA Windsor Willie

PS, please say hello to Bruce and Jamie for me, I thoroughly enjoyed their company!

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